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Symmetry Break is an indie games studio based in Hamburg, Germany, driven by the passion to tell good stories and to find new forms of expression.

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  • Tasty Grass Shader

    Tasty Grass Shader

    Tasty Grass Shader is a general-purpose procedural grass, flowers and debris framework. Leveraging modern graphics techniques such as Compute Shaders and Indirect Draw, it’s very efficient at rendering hundreds of thousands of blades! Features Powerful procedural generation Effective Level-Of-Detail and Quality system Wind and collision system Support for any Unity Mesh Support for Unity Terrain…

  • Press Mentions

    Press Mentions

    OK COOL trifft: Die Gewinner des Deutschen Computerspielpreis 2024 Symmetry Break talks about winning the DCP Best Prototype Award with Misgiven and the origins of the studio on this podcast episode with Dom Schott (in German). German Computer Games Award 2024 – Nomination Read what convinced the jury that Misgiven deserves to be nominated for…

  • Misgiven wins DCP Award for Best Prototype!

    Misgiven wins DCP Award for Best Prototype!

    An unforgettable evening on Tuesday at Eisbach Studios in Munich – Misgiven wins Young Talent Award: Best Prototype! This award includes 50,000 EUR in funding and national recognition, and we couldn’t be more humbled!

  • Screen Space God Rays

    Screen Space God Rays

    Screen Space God Rays is a new Unity asset for efortlessly adding beautiful and resource-efficient lighting to your Unity 2D, 3D and VR projects. Tailor your lights with variable softening, custom shaders, any object as masking renderers, and artifact reduction. There’s even a WebGL demo to test the tool in action. We developed SSGR specifically…

  • Misgiven: Gamescom 2023 Retrospective

    Misgiven: Gamescom 2023 Retrospective

    Gamescom/Indie Arena Booth was a huge success! Lots of folks playing Misgiven‘s demo, lots of insightful feedback acquired, lots of fun hanging out with fellow devs and industry friends, and 4000 new wishlists after being featured in the Indie Arena Booth exclusive stream and associated Steam event! Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an Ein…

  • Misgiven will be @Gamescom

    Misgiven will be @Gamescom

    Between 23-27th August, we are thrilled to announce that we will be attending gamescom, one of the world’s largest gaming events, to showcase an exclusive demo of our first title, Misgiven! Attendees at gamescom will have the opportunity to experience the game firsthand, talk to the devs and walk home with beautiful stickers and cards…

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