Prospector is a 2D sci-fi narrative adventure game about that lump in your throat, and how some things are harder to say than others.

As an explorer, you are stranded in a city veiled in toxic fog, whose inhabitants wear masks to survive. Find people you can trust in this strange and unfamiliar place, and experience the awkwardness, anxiety and rewards of communication.

Prospector's standout feature is its dialogue system.

Dialogue options have different emotional weights: depending on your openness to the other person (which can change during conversation), some options can only be said with effort, and some not at all. Choosing to be vulnerable poses a risk, as some characters will appreciate it, but others might use your honesty against you.

In a world of masks, your appearance affects how others react to you: Customize your mask by collecting badges from other characters, and unlock holographic mask emotes to alter the tone of your statements.