Screen Space God Rays - Volumetric Light Effects for Unity URP 2d/3D/VR

Screen Space God Rays

Screen Space God Rays is a new Unity asset for efortlessly adding beautiful and resource-efficient lighting to your Unity 2D, 3D and VR projects. Tailor your lights with variable softening, custom shaders, any object as masking renderers, and artifact reduction.

There’s even a WebGL demo to test the tool in action.

We developed SSGR specifically for our upcoming game Misgiven, as nothing we could find on the Unity Asset Store met our needs for volumetric lighting in 2D while staying performant.


  • Easy-to-use screen space volumetric system.
  • Many creative settings:
    • Variable softness, scale, range and color.
    • Optional support for masking by game objects.
    • Optional screen edge fadeout to reduce artefacts.
    • Variable projection offset to increase depth in 2D games.
  • Variable quality and scalabilty settings for cross-platform games:
    • Variable resolution scale, pruning, blur quality and more.
    • Separate 2D and 3D modes.
    • Artifact reduction options.
  • No limitations on count or position, place as many lights as you want.
  • VR support out-of-the-box (Multi Pass + Single Pass Instanced).


  • Unity 2021.3 LTS or above
  • URP 10.0 or above


  • Lights interact only with objects that are visible.
  • Doesn’t support semi-transparent surfaces, it’s either pass or block.


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